Nursing and The Code of Ethics


Why do we need a code of ethics? The code of ethics gives us the primary goals, values and obligations of our profession (Code of ethics for nurses, 2010). Nursing isn’t just about how well your technical skills are. A patient isn’t worried about how well you can start their IV, pass them their medication or even safe their life. They think you already know how to do all these skills because of your title. Although these skills are very important and help you become competent and confident in your career as a nurse, you also have to be able to communicate and develop a  professional relationship with your patients. I have learned through my new employee orientation that communication is the number one cause of medical errors, number one reason 50% of prescriptions are taken incorrectly, number one reason patients choose to leave a healthcare provider, and number one preventer of malpractice litigation (Customer Focus, 2010).

People are always going to need healthcare and the professionals that help them prevent illnesses, help ease their pain and educate them about their health. Building a professional relationship with your patients will not only show them you respect their values, beliefs, and opinions, it will also show them that you actually listened to their concerns and respect their uniqueness as an individual. All this happens through effective communicate with your patients. Although all the provisions in the code of ethics for nurses, 2010 are important the ones I felt were most important were provisions 1.1 Respect for human dignity, 1.2 Relationships to patients, 2.1 Primacy of patient interest, 2.4 Professional boundaries, and 5.1 Moral self respect.


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