Resume Analysis Reflection




In my opinion the three most critical aspects for a successful resume are the following, a nice and neat looking page, has to be easy to read and follow and contains honest information that’s tailored to the job you are interested in applying for. Doing a little research about the company and the job you are interested in will help you in writing a application letter and resume. You should always be honest and use information that’s going to help you stand out from other applicants and answer the employers question ” What can you do for us?” ( Lannon, p. 383, 2014).

During our class assignment while analyzing the four applications it was necessary for us to organize them in a way that was tailored to the job description. This was not an easy process, but we also looked at the functionality, the neatness and organization of the applicants resume and the pertinent information and skills listed. We chose the applicant that had the most skills, education and experiences the would fit the job.

I feel as though an objective statement is not needed if you are attaching a application letter with your resume. I’ve always been confused on why there is a objective space on many blank resumes. I feel as though this is a space to write about yourself and what you want out of the job you are applying for not giving the employer information on what you can provide to them and their company. In an article I read online, ” 10 Things to Leave Off Your Resume” (Green, June 2012) writes that resume objectives never help and often hurt.  Your resume should be about showing your experience, skills, and accomplishments.


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